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Many heroes

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

As a reporter, you never expect or even want to be part of the news itself. Thankfully, due to the heroics and tremendous work of Cuero’s first responders, that was not the case.

Last Thursday afternoon, just after 1 p.m., I was about to head back to the office after a usual lunch at my mom’s, Sophia Proctor, house on McArthur Street. Only moments before I went to the door, my brother, Alex Proctor, and I heard a loud knock at our door. I quickly rushed over and saw Kim Ebrom, a US Postal Service employee and one of the heroes of this day.

Ebrom noticed smoke coming from our neighbor’s shed. Thanks to her quick thinking, she called 9-1-1, and the Cuero Fire Department and Cuero Volunteer Fire Department quickly arrived to put out the growing blaze.

When asked about her quick thinking to notify dispatchers, Ebrom simply said she did what was necessary.

Monty of Texas Gas Services made the timely decision to shut off the gas throughout the block, while Brian Ladwig with the City’s electric department cut electricity.

In only a matter of minutes, the few streams of smoke turned into vast flames engulfing our neighbor’s, the Zapatas, shed. Thankfully, no one was inside the shed at the time.

One of the many brave firefighters, John Solis, did receive burns while fighting the fire and received treatment in San Antonio. To him and all those who responded, I say “Thank you” on behalf of my entire family, the Zapatas and everyone on our block. You all made a terrible situation much better than it could’ve been.

The fire did destroy our neighbor’s shed and reached their house and my mom’s shed. Due to the timely and exceptional work of the firefighters, though, their house still stands.

It was not only the Cuero firefighters who deserve thanks but also Cuero PD, Cuero EMS, DeWitt County Office of Emergency Management, Texas DPS and the City of Cuero electric department. They all played their part in preventing a much worse situation.

Though time seems to stand still in moments like these, it wasn’t long after the fire started that it was put out. In one unforgettable hour, my thoughts raced from being worried about the Zapatas, my family and possibly others losing their homes to unbridled thankfulness for those who put their lives in harms way.

More than anything, though, I know that God is always in control.

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