Dear Editor,

That has become the battle cry for the health care workers at Cuero Regional Hospital and at our Cuero Health Clinics who are answering the call to care for our community. They spend many days and nights away from home. And once home, many are staying away from their families, as a means of practicing social distancing and protecting their loved ones.

Any of us who have been in health care have seen our share of adversities/disasters – be it natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey or medical pandemics like the H1N1 Bird Flu.

But this time feels different. With Harvey, and even with H1N1, there was a familiarity to these challenges, and a sense of certainty as to where the end was and what it would look like.

COVID-19 has not offered this certainty.

This is where resilience comes into play.

Our Cuero Health medical staff clock in to face a virus that has no cure. Our administrators check their levels of PPE, ventilators, and other critical supplies each and every day, without any sense of confidence that what our hospital has will be enough. resilience is a commitment to prepare in the face of uncertainty, not panic. It is a belief that having a plan for the worst case scenarios will carry us through.

We have instituted new ways to provide care, including a drive-thru lab service, telephone provider visits and, most recently, a dedicated COVID-19 unit that protects our patients, staff and our resources. We will continue to plan for the unforeseeable.

COVID, like other crises, will end. Until then, resilience will carry the day. We thank our resilient Cuero Health caregivers for their dedication and to our community that gives us hope and support.

Lynn Falcone, CEO

Cuero Health

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