A salute to the uncommon

Dear Editor,

This world is crowded with things that are common. The uncommon things are few and far between. Throughout history there have been those times, places, and people that seem to stand out. It is because they are uncommon to the rest of History. Uncommon people have chosen to take a road less traveled and a dedication to discipline that most people would not find comforting.

The young women and men called the Cuero Gobblers are taking the path and doing the work to be uncommon. Whether it is in the classroom, the field, the court or in times of rest, these Cuero Gobblers stand out. They don’t shy away from hard work and dedication. They make the hard play, they march the unique routine, they hit the hole made by excellent blocks, they make must have tackles, they dig to keep a ball in play, they study for the big exam, they treat people with respect. Yes, they are teens and yes they can make mistakes but they seemingly find a way to get back up. They are young men and women who have chosen to be uncommon.

These uncommon students have uncommon teachers, coaches, and administrators. Say thanks to these professionals that have chosen to be models and encouragers for these kids. Being uncommon does not happen by mistake; It is a choice. Support the choice. Support the students and support the teachers, parents and coaches that choose to lead with integrity and passion to model for these students.

Uncommon men and women win! Uncommon professionals build uncommon students! Be that uncommon fan and pray for these students, parents and professionals to always make the choice that makes the uncommon a place of honor.

Wesley Dukes


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