Fraudulent charges made on county bank account

By Allison Flores

The Cuero Record 

DeWitt County Commissioners Court met Monday, May 11, holding multiple public hearings regarding speed limit changes on roads in Commissioner Precinct No. 2, along with making changes to payroll accounts after fraudulent charges were made.

DeWitt County Treasurer, Carol Martin, addressed County Court to authorize bank account changes following fraudulent charges on said payroll account.

Martin stated that there was a need to close the bank account associated with the payroll account due to two fraudulent charges made in the total of $3,463.35. 

The charges were not made internally, as Martin stated, and the County has been working with the DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office to track down the person(s) responsible, along with the County’s bank doing their own investigation. 

One suspect has been located by DCSO, stated Martin; one of the charges made was for a personal phone bill, and the other was an international charge through a credit card for $3,200.  

“Someone somewhere got a hold of our bank account number and routing number–probably off of our hard copy checks–that is all I know right now,” said Martin to the County Court. 

She continued, “On my payroll account, those [charges] stuck out like a sore thumb–our bank is very well equipped to handle these things, and so is our DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office. I had an answer within a couple of hours.” 

Up first for public hearings, the County considered establishing a 45-mile-per-hour speed limit on Matthew-Adams Road in Commissioner Precinct No. 2; one county resident addressed the Court to contend the speed limit, asking for it to be lowered, and proposed a four-way stop at the corner. The County approved to establish a 45-mile-per-hour speed limit, with a note to hold another public hearing on creating a four-way stop.

Court also approved the establishment of a 35-mph speed limit on Primitive Baptist Church Road, along with Benbow Road and Edgar Leesville Road.

County moved on from the public hearings to approve an agreement with the Texas Department of to contribute funds for right-of-way acquisition and eligible utility adjustments for State Highway 72 from FM 237 to US 87, along with another agreement for State Highway 72 from US 87 to US 87.

Up next, the County received the preliminary appraised values submitted by the chief appraiser of the DeWitt County Appraisal District. The real property appraised values in DeWitt County totaled $1,158,167,756, with losses and exceptions considered, the net taxable value indicated to be $1, 146,770,166. 

At the present time, appraisers estimated values for the oil and gas mineral values at $5,265,333,510; DeWitt County Judge Daryl Fowler stated that the appraisal district suggested that, for budget purposes, the County account for roughly 50% of that number. Fowler noted that these guidelines come from the price of oil and a string of average prices for the price of oil for the 24 months previous to January 1. 


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