A lifetime of collecting

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

Since acquiring an interest in Geisha Girl Porcelain from her grandmother at a young age, Dee Henneke has decided to donate her extensive collection to the Cuero Heritage Museum. A combination of searching and giving led to an over 700 piece display at the museum with at least 250 patterns.

The variety of items include some with gold painting and some with stenciling, but all are hand painted. Some of them go back to 1908.

“I’ve actively been collecting since the 1970s, but my grandmother allowed me to drink my milk out of her hot chocolate set,” Henneke recalled. “When she died, my mother gave me the chocolate set.”

Frances Keesling, a friend of Henneke’s, added to her collection, when she noticed some at her home.

Henneke also went to garage sales and antique stores. 

“I’ve traveled quite a bit,” she said. “I bought a lot of Geisha in San Antonio. There was a very active collector there. There used to be an antique shop on Newman Street [in Cuero] owned by Mrs. Stone. She bought quality things. I became more judicious in buying pieces.”

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