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    Luke Hargrove (left) and Anthony Netardus are shown demonstrating how they calculated the amount of herbicide treatment needed for the grounds at Cuero’s Daule Community Center. Photo by Robert Proctor/The Cuero Record

Moving along

Daule Community Center takes another step forward

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

Nearly two years after initial planning started and 30 years following the inception of her thoughts to purchase Daule School for the youth of Cuero, Viola Holman and those around her are starting to see the dream come to life. Last month, Luke Hargrove and Anthony Netardus joined forces to tackle the grounds issue at the future community center. Namely, they needed to combat grass spurs throughout the property.

Netardus, DeWitt County’s Extension Agent, came in with his expertise on yard-work maintenance. He was able to meet with Hargrove, who learned the process of eliminating the grass spurs.

“I met with Luke two to three weeks and showed him how the first thing when you’re treating anything, yard-wise or in this case school grounds, you need to know the square footage of the area,” Netardus recalled. “We got a wheel, and I showed him how you figure out square footage.”

From there, they calculated how much herbicide treatment would be needed to cover the entire affected area. The product is know as a pre-emergent herbicide which is put out to stop the emergence of grass spurs.

“It’s a granular that you spread out into the soil,” Netardus said. “You need a little bit of rain. When the grass spurs emerge, it controls them.”

Wanting to stay local, they purchased the produce from DeWitt County Producers.

For Netardus and Hargrove, alike, this project is about a great mission Holman has started.

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