Risk management

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

Faye Sheppard opened the Nov. 30 Cuero Regional Hospital board of directors meeting with a risk management presentation.

With a nursing and legal background, Sheppard has worked in patient safety and risk management for three decades and its connection to the financial side of operations.

“That’s my community service,” she said of providing this service to her hometown hospital.

Expectation of value was a main focus during her presentation. The goal is to have patients in and out of the hospital as quickly and safely as possible. Provide the best patient experience, and make sure the patient is ready to leave, Sheppard noted.

She noted that the focus of boards should be on strategy and risk intervention, not day-to-day operations.

“Look at the biggest risk,” she stated. “Small, rural hospitals have a ton of challenges.”

“Patient safety should be part of doing business,” Sheppard said.

When problems do arise, the objective is not to punish employees, but learn from the mistakes and fix problems.

“It’s real important that we make the hospital as fine as it can be,” she said to close.

Chief of Staff Dr. Paul Willers recommended the following appointments: Jonathan Dancel, DO, SWM - ER; John Fanning, DO, SWM - ER; Patrick Guillermo, MD, SWM - ER; Purvak Patel, MD, Tele-Radiology and Jose Valladares, MD, Oncology & Hematology. The only reappointment was for Ray Michael Bogitch, MD, Questcare Tele-Neurology.

Three capital expenditure requests were approved for $87,000: a Mayfield O.R. three-piece bet attachment for neurosurgery, a new O.R. bed and BiPap machines.

The following policy and procedures were approved: non-discrimination, accommodating persons with service animals and accommodating patients with limited English proficiency/hearing and sight impaired.

There will be no regular December board meeting. The January meeting will include recognizing former board member Jim Conrad’s family.

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