Little league field heats up

By Roger Cowan

Yorktown News-View

This past week, things got a bit hot at the Yorktown Little League field.

While newly-elected YLL President Krystal Everitt was at the field mowing the field on Wednesday evening, the shadows grew long and the sky grew dim. Not quite done with the task at hand, Everitt walked over near the bleachers and turned on the field lights. 

Walking back to the mower to finish, Everitt got back to work without a worry in mind. A few minutes later, all that would change when she noticed a loud popping, followed by sparks and then flames from the meter box. Calling 911, Everitt could do nothing but sit and watch as flames licked their way up the light pole, threatening everything that the volunteers and donors had worked so hard on before the last season of ball.

“We have not used the lights at the Little League field since the end of the season,” stated Everitt. 

Everitt went on to say that as she watched the flames, a DeWitt County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived, followed shortly by the Yorktown Volunteer Fire Department. The Deputy shut off the electricity to the pole upon their arrival, and the YVFD extinguished the flames. At press time, it was still unclear the exact cause of the fire. 

“We are currently without power now,” said Everitt. “We have contacted an electrician to give and estimate on repairs. We’re not sure the extent of the damage and what all will have to be repaired.”

Above all, thankfully, there were no injuries. The damage consisted of the mete loop and some scorching and burns to the light pole which appeared to only harm the surface of the pole. The News-View would like to thank the deputy and firefighters for their swift response and prompt action to prevent further damage.

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